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W370BAT-8 Battery, UK Rechargeable 5200mAh, 76.96Wh Clevo W370BAT-8 Batteries

UK Brand New W370BAT-8 Battery, Sale Price £53.88, Li-ion 14.8V 5200mAh, 76.96Wh Black W370BAT-8 Battery For Clevo Laptop Computer, Notebook, Ultrabook, ToughBook, Gaming PC, Tablet... Fast Shipping And 1 Year Warranty. Please Note The Battery's Picture, Output Volt, Capacity, Battery Interface Or Screw Hole Location When Place Order.

W370BAT-8, Clevo W370BAT-8 Battery

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Clevo W370BAT-8 Battery 5200mAh, 76.96Wh  14.8V Black Li-ion
W370BAT-8 Battery, UK Rechargeable 5200mAh, 76.96Wh Clevo W370BAT-8 Batteries, 5200mAh, 76.96Wh , 14.8V, Black , Li-ion
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Genuine Clevo W370BAT-8 Laptop Battery 5200mAh, 76.96Wh , 14.8V, Black , Li-ion

Battery ID:NCOW370BAT85200B8
Battery Name:W370BAT-8 Battery
Battery Type: Li-ion Rechargeable
Battery Volt: 14.8V
Battery Capacity:5200mAh, 76.96Wh
Battery Color: Black
Note: Make sure your original battery model is W370BAT-8 when order.
Battery Weight: 415g
Battery Cells: Grade A, 8 Cells
Total Sale:375 Sold
Condition: Original / Genuine Battery - 1 Year Warranty
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  • Original price: £ 73.81
  • Today's Price:
    £ 53.88
    ( Updated: Aug 2022 In stock)
  • You Save: £ 19.93
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Genuine Clevo W370BAT-8 Laptop Battery 5200mAh, 76.96Wh , 14.8V, Black , Li-ion
( Free Shipping In UK And EU )
payment of this  Genuine Clevo W370BAT-8 Laptop Battery 5200mAh, 76.96Wh , 14.8V, Black , Li-ion

Compatibility Of This W370BAT-8 Battery

This W370BAT-8 Laptop Battery Compatible Follow Original Battery Number:
6-87-W370S-427, 6-87-W370S-4271, 6-87-W37ES-427, 6-87-W37SS-427, 6-87-W37SS-4271, W370BAT-3, W370BAT-8, W370SK

This W370BAT-8 Laptop Battery Can Work With Follow Laptop:
GIGABYTE P27, K590S, K590S-I7, K790S, K790S-i7, M01907, N1561J, NEXOC. G508II, NP6350, NP6370, P177SM-A, P370em, Sager Np7358, SX-570, W350ET, W350ETQ, W350ST, W355ss, W355SSQ, W355ST, W355STQ, W35SSS, w35xss-370ss, W370ET, W370SS, W370ST, W55ST, WT3555TQ, XG17-V2/W370SS, XMG 1704, XMG A522, XMG A523, XMG A704, XMG A722, XMG-A723

detail information

Question about your old laptop battery ( From internet ):

What Does "Plugged In, Not Charging" Mean with my W370BAT-8 Laptop Batteries?

You're using your laptop when you notice something strange in the taskbar; you could have sworn you charged your battery to 100%, but now the battery is showing slight depletion. When you hover over the icon, it tells you that the battery is "plugged in, not charging."This can be a somewhat distressing message to hear. Does it mean the battery is on its way out? While Windows doesn't really tell you what's going on, this message doesn't always mean your battery is on its last legs; in fact, in some cases, it's being prepped to live longer than it normally would! So what does this message mean? Here are a few reasons why you might be seeing this message.

1. Battery Preservation Software Is Saving the Battery
If you notice that this message appears when you're in the 90-100% charge range, you may be seeing battery preservation in effect. Some laptop models will automatically stop charging the battery when it hits 100%, especially if you've been charging it for a long time. By keeping it a little under 100% charge, laptop manufacturers claim this helps with extending the battery's life.

This may also come into effect at lower percentages. For example, my Lenovo laptop typically stops charging above 95%, but there's an option within the Lenovo settings to keep it around 50 - 60% for better battery preservation. It's worth looking at your laptop's settings to see if your manufacturer has a setting similar to this.

2. The Battery Needs Recalibration
Reporting your battery levels is a two-way effort between your battery and Windows itself. If the two of them get their statistics mismatched, Windows may report a battery is only partially full, when the battery is actually fully topped up and has no room for any more charge. In order to sync Windows and the battery back up, try recalibrating your laptop battery to put them both on the same page.

3. Something's Wrong with the AC Adapter
This message may be due to the laptop recognising that your AC adapter is present but not efficiently delivering a charge to your laptop. If you can, try to jostle any connections in your AC adapter to see if anything changes; this includes the connection between it and the laptop, it and the power socket, and any places in between where something plugs into something else. It's also worth trying a new A/C adapter if you can easily acquire one.

4. Something's Wrong with the Battery Drivers
Yes, even your battery has drivers! Sometimes these need a re-install to get back into working shape once more. Before you try re-installing your battery, it's worth noting that part of these steps involve removing the battery from the laptop. If you don't know how to, or physically can't, remove the laptop's battery, it's best to consult a professional to prevent damage.

Also, it's best to see if you can download your battery's drivers; it should do it automatically during these steps, but it's best to be prepared in case something doesn't go right!

First, go into the Device Manager by clicking "Start," then typing "device manager" into the search and pressing Enter.

Under "Batteries", find "Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery," right-click it, and click "Uninstall device."

Turn off the laptop and remove the battery, then hold down the power button for a minute to get rid of any residue charger.

5. You need replace the old W370BAT-8 battery with a new one.

Laptop Batteries - Why Do W370BAT-8 Battery Have a Short Lifespan?

If you do own a laptop, you should know that they are simply as portable as the next discount store. Most companies that promote their laptop batteries manufacture these equipments so that they may be used any where and there will be no setback but there is a setback. You just have a few hours maximum of usual word processing type and then you are done except if you have a backup battery or you have a place to plug it in to revive it. Again, the other trouble is that so many places that you go and would love to use your laptop do not have enough power outlets and so you are stocked. This is just the simple truth.

Therefore, my key question is why on earth are laptop batteries so bad? In other to obtain an answer for this question, i am going to do a search online and try to find as much details as possible and then I will go ahead to pack it into the next 2 paragraphs or so. Well we will like to begin with what nearly all batteries are built of and that is Lithium Ion cells (older laptop batteries were built of nickel cadmium). Honestly, these batteries possess a lot of benefits such as no memory and no scheduled cycling (That does not mean exactly that it is a useful perception to frequently run your battery dead). In fact, these batteries are very low to maintain.

Nevertheless, just because their cell oxidation can not be changed through cycling, there is a definite and little lifespan for these batteries. This should be around two to three years and is not necessarily lengthened by not using them as oxidation goes on in the form of self discharge as well as when stored. Indeed, it is advised that we store these batteries at about 40 to 45% capacity and in a cool place. Be aware that the 40% capacity gives it the power to self discharge gradually without going dead completely (which is actually bad for these laptop batteries).

In fact, these laptop batteries will oxidize very slowly in cooler temperatures which prolongs their lifespan. Moreover, these power cells are not intended for long term storage as previously said because the self discharge will drain it every now and then to the point of no return. The basis why these modern laptop batteries cost so much than they used to be is for the reason that they do need an internal circuit that stops it from getting overcharged. Furthermore, overcharging might as well induce the battery to high temperature and as a such they could burst into flames.

If you want a long life W370BAT-8 Battery, just choose original W370BAT-8 Battery or higher capacity W370BAT-8 Battery. Beacuse genuine battery have original battery cells, higher capacity battery can work longer and reduce annual charge times.

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