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Li-ion HP TPN-I134 HSTNN-DB9D Battery 3470mAh, 41.9Wh

We Offer This Li-ion HP TPN-I134 HSTNN-DB9D Battery 3470mAh, 41.9Wh Online, Please Note The Battery's Picture, Output Volt, Capacity, Battery Interface Or Screw Hole Location When Place Order. It is 1 year warranty, 30 days money back, Fast Shipping in UK And EU.

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Li-Polymer battery pack, 11.55V Li-ion HP TPN-I134 HSTNN-DB9D Battery 3470mAh, 41.9Wh
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Li-ion HP TPN-I134 HSTNN-DB9D Battery 3470mAh, 41.9Wh
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UK / EU Li-ion HP TPN-I134 HSTNN-DB9D Battery 3470mAh, 41.9Wh

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  • Battery ID: NHPHT03XL41.9WHB3
  • Battery Name: Li-ion HP TPN-I134 HSTNN-DB9D Battery 3470mAh, 41.9Wh
  • Battery Type: Li-Polymer Rechargeable
  • Battery Volt: 11.55V
  • Battery Capacity: 3470mAh, 41.9Wh
  • Battery Color: Black
  • Battery Weight: 180g
  • Cells Number: 3
  • Cells Quality: Grade A
  • Condition: Original / Genuine Battery - 1 Year Warranty
  • Total Sale: 221 Sold

How we test this Li-ion HP TPN-I134 HSTNN-DB9D Battery 3470mAh, 41.9Wh?

  1. Determine whether you have purchased the correct battery according to the battery model or machine model you provided.
  2. Check the appearance and interface of the battery before shipping.
  3. Test whether the charging and discharging function of the battery is normal.
  4. Use professional battery testing equipment to test the internal data of the battery, including the actual capacity of the battery, the voltage of each battery cell, etc. The more balanced the voltage, the longer the battery life.
  5. Charge the battery to more than 30% to ensure the best performance during transportation.
  6. Package the battery carefully and send it out.
  7. Note: Please make a careful comparison between our battery and your original battery, paying special attention to the battery voltage, capacity, shape, interface location, screw hole location... to avoid buying the wrong battery. Be sure to provide the correct battery model or mahcine model.

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Hp :
[14-CE0016TU4HK91PA ] 14-CE0026TU, 14-ce0027TX, 14-CE0028TX, 14-CE0028TX4HL28PA, 14-CE0035TX, 14-CE0035TX4HL34PA, 14-CE1004TX, 14-CE1007TX, 14-CE1008TX, 14-CE1009TX, 14-CF0003LA, 14-CF0005NI, 14-CF0008CA, 14-CF0008NT, 14-CF0011DS, 14-CF0012DX, 14-CF0013NO, 14-CF0016CA, 14-CF0018CA, 14-CF0020NF, 14-CF0021UR, 14-CF0052OD, 14-cf0100, 14-CF0320NG, [ 14-CF1051OD Battery ], 14-CF1775NZ, 14-CK0000NF, 14-CK0000TX, 14-CK0002TX, 14-CK0003TX, 14-CK0004LA, 14-CK0004TX, 14-CK0005TX, [ 14-CK0006TX Battery ], 14-CK0007TX, 14-CK0008TX, 14-CK0009NIA, 14-CK0009TX, 14-CK0010TX, 14-CK0011TX, 14-CK0013TU, 14-CK0014TU, [ 14-CK0016LA Battery ], 14-CK0017TX, 14-CK0018LA, 14-CK0020TU, 14-CK0023TU, [ 14-CK0026TU Battery ], 14-CK0029TU, 14-CK0032TU, 14-CK0035TU, 14-CK0038TU, 14-CK0040TU, [ 14-CK0043TU Battery ], 14-CK0046TU, 14-CK0049TU, 14-CK0051TU, 14-CK0053TU, 14-CK0056TU, [ 14-CK0065ST Battery ], 14-CK0194NIA, 14-ck0201ng, 14-CK0505SA, 14-CK0596NA, 14-CK0997NA, 14-CK1000TX, 14-CK1014NIA, 14-CM0000AU, 14-CM0001AX, 14-CM0002AU, 14-CM0003AU, [ 14-CM0004AU Battery ], 14-CM0004NO, 14-CM0005LA, 14-CM0007AU, 14-CM0008LA, 14-CM0010LA, 14-CM0011AU, 14-CM0011LA, 14-CM0011NA, [ 14-CM0015LA Battery ], 14-CM0034AU, 14-CM0043LA, 14-CM0055AU, 14-CM0056LA, 14-CM0071AU, [ 14-CM0072UR Battery ], 14-cm0300, 14-DF0001NM, 14-DF0010NR, 14-DF0015DS, 14-DF0020NR, 14-DK0000NP, 14-DK0002NF, 14Q-CS0000TX, 14Q-CS0002TU, 14Q-CS0003TU, 14Q-CY0000AU, 14Q-CY0001AX, 14S-CF0001TX, 14S-CF0002TU, 14S-CF0003TX, 14S-CF0004TU, 14S-CF0005TX, 14S-CF0007TU, 14S-CF0011TU, 14S-CF0013TU, 14S-CF0013TX, 14S-CF0014TX, 14S-CF0016TU, 14S-CF0017TX, 14S-CF0019TU, 14S-CF0020TX, 14S-CF0022TU, 14S-CF0023TX, 14S-CF0025TU, 14S-CF0029TX, 14S-CF0032TU, 14S-CF0032TX, 14S-CF0035TX, 14S-CF0038TX, 14S-CF0046TU, 14S-CF0055TX, 14S-CR0000TX, 14S-CR0002TU, 14S-CR0003TX, 14S-CR0005TU, 14S-CR0007TX, 14S-CR0010TX, 15-CS0001TU, 15-CS0002TU, 15-CS0003LA, 15-CS0004LA, 15-CS0005TU, 15-CS0006TU, 15-CS0007TU, 15-CS0008TU, 15-CS0009TU, 15-CS0010NR, 15-CS0010TX, 15-CS0012CL, 15-CS0013TU, 15-CS0015TX, 15-CS0018TX, 15-CS0019TX, 15-CS0020TX, 15-CS0022TX, 15-CS0024TX, 15-CS0027TX, 15-CS0030CA, 15-CS0032CL, 15-CS0039TX, 15-CS0041NR, 15-CS0041TX, 15-CS0042TX, 15-CS0045TX, 15-CS0048TX, 15-CS0049TX, 15-CS0051LA, [ 15-CS0053CL Battery ], 15-CS0054TX, 15-CS0056TX, 15-CS0058OD, 15-CS0059TX, 15-CS0061ST, 15-CS0063TX, 15-CS0064TX, 15-CS0072WM, 15-CS0078NR, 15-CS0082CL, 15-CS1007TX, 15-CS1068TX, 15-CW0001CY, 15-CW0002LA, 15-CW0004CY, 15-CW0004LA, 15-CW0005LA, 15-CW0007CA, 15-CW0008CY, 15-CW0017CA, 15-CW0061NR, 15-CW0075NR, 15-CW0XXX, [ 15-DA0000TU Battery ], 15-DA0001LA, 15-DA0002CA, 15-DA0002DX, 15-DA0002LA, 15-DA0003CY, 15-DA0003TX, 15-DA0004LA, 15-DA0005CY, 15-DA0005NE, 15-DA0005TU, 15-DA0006DS, 15-DA0006TX, 15-DA0007TU, 15-DA0008CY, 15-DA0008NP, 15-DA0008TU, 15-DA0009LA, 15-DA0010DS, 15-DA0011DS, 15-DA0011TX, 15-DA0012DX, [ 15-DA0012NM Battery ], 15-DA0012TX, 15-da0013ng, [ 15-DA0013TX Battery ], 15-DA0014NV, 15-DA0014TU, 15-DA0015LA, 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14-CE0012NI, PAVILION 14-CE0013UR, PAVILION 14-CE0048UR, PAVILION 14-CE0056UR, PAVILION 14-CE0066UR, PAVILION 14-CE0087TX, Pavilion 14-ce0300ng, Pavilion 14-ce0302ng, PAVILION 14-CE1000NA, [ PAVILION 14-CE1001NC Battery ], PAVILION 14-CE1002NW, PAVILION 14-CE1005NC, PAVILION 14-CE1350ND, PAVILION 14-CE1520SA, PAVILION 14-CE1963NB, PAVILION 14-CE2001NE, PAVILION 14-CE2028NL, PAVILION 14-CE2039NM, PAVILION 14-CE2078NL, PAVILION 14-CE2304NZ, Pavilion 15-cs0000, Pavilion 15-cs0002ng, Pavilion 15-cs0005ng, PAVILION 15-CS0006NK, PAVILION 15-CS0007NL, PAVILION 15-CS0008TU, [ PAVILION 15-CS0010NR Battery ], PAVILION 15-CS0020NT, PAVILION 15-CS0022TX, PAVILION 15-CS0025CL, PAVILION 15-CS0027TX, PAVILION 15-CS0065NU, PAVILION 15-CS0072TX, Pavilion 15-cs0079nr, PAVILION 15-CS0079TX, PAVILION 15-CS0091MS, Pavilion 15-cs0100, Pavilion 15-cs0104ng, Pavilion 15-cs0152ng, Pavilion 15-cs0201ng, Pavilion 15-cs0203ng, Pavilion 15-cs0206ng, Pavilion 15-cs0208ng, Pavilion 15-cs0209ng, Pavilion 15-cs0300, 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Li-ion HP TPN-I134 HSTNN-DB9D Battery 3470mAh, 41.9Wh
Li-ion HP TPN-I134 HSTNN-DB9D Battery 3470mAh, 41.9Wh
Price: £ 45.98(Date: 2021-09-20)

(Free shipping in UK and EU )

Hp Laptop Battery, Notebook Battery

Genuine HP HT03XL Battery 11.55v 41.9Wh 3630mah Li-ion Rechargerable

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