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Li-ion LENOVO L21L4PE2 L21C4PE2 Battery 3815mAh, 59Wh

We Offer This Li-ion LENOVO L21L4PE2 L21C4PE2 Battery 3815mAh, 59Wh Online, Please Note The Battery's Picture, Output Volt, Capacity, Battery Interface Or Screw Hole Location When Place Order. It is 1 year warranty, 30 days money back, Fast Shipping in UK And EU.

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Li-Polymer battery pack, 15.52V Li-ion LENOVO L21L4PE2 L21C4PE2 Battery 3815mAh, 59Wh
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Li-ion LENOVO L21L4PE2 L21C4PE2 Battery 3815mAh, 59Wh
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UK / EU Li-ion LENOVO L21L4PE2 L21C4PE2 Battery 3815mAh, 59Wh

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  • Battery ID: NLVL21C4PE259WHB4
  • Battery Name: Li-ion LENOVO L21L4PE2 L21C4PE2 Battery 3815mAh, 59Wh
  • Battery Type: Li-Polymer Rechargeable
  • Battery Volt: 15.52V
  • Battery Capacity: 3815mAh, 59Wh
  • Battery Color: Black
  • Cells Number: 4
  • Cells Quality: Grade A
  • Condition: Brand New, Replacement Battery, 1 Year Warranty
  • Total Sale: 221 Sold

How we test this Li-ion LENOVO L21L4PE2 L21C4PE2 Battery 3815mAh, 59Wh?

  1. Determine whether you have purchased the correct battery according to the battery model or machine model you provided.
  2. Check the appearance and interface of the battery before shipping.
  3. Test whether the charging and discharging function of the battery is normal.
  4. Use professional battery testing equipment to test the internal data of the battery, including the actual capacity of the battery, the voltage of each battery cell, etc. The more balanced the voltage, the longer the battery life.
  5. Charge the battery to more than 30% to ensure the best performance during transportation.
  6. Package the battery carefully and send it out.
  7. You will receive this battery and enjoye it.

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This Laptop Battery Can Compatible Follow Battery [P/N], Battery Model:

This Battery Can Work With Follow Machine Model:
Lenovo :
[Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20002SB ] Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20004TW, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20009SB, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2000DHH, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2000FHH, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2000LTW, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2000NKR, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2000QKR, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2000VMJ, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2000XMJ, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20013TA, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20015TA, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20017TA, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2001CKR, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2001GHH, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2001MID, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2001PID, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2001RGE, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2001YCK, [ Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20021CK Battery ], Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20026MH, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20028MB, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2002AMZ, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2002FMX, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2002HMX, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2002NBM, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2002QMZ, [ Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2002SFR Battery ], Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2002XUK, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20030KR, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20035MX, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20037SB, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20039RM, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2003EYA, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2003GJP, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2003JTW, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2003MTX, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2003PSB, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2003RRK, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2003WRM, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2003YIV, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20041IV, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20045AX, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20047GM, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20049GM, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2004ESC, [ Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2004JGM Battery ], Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2004LGM, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2004PCY, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2004RCY, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2004TIX, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2004YED, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20051AD, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20053MH, [ Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20056ID Battery ], Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B20058IX, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2005ASP, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2005FSA, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2005HIV, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2005KIV, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2005NIN, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2005QLK, Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2005SIN, [ Yoga 6 13ABR8 83B2005XUK Battery ], Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0001US, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0006FR, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0008FR, [ Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD000DSB Battery ], Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD000FVN, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD000HBM, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD000NBM, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD000QSB, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD000VID, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD000XIV, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0010IV, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0015RU, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0017RU, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0019PH, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD001CMJ, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD001ETA, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD001GCK, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD001MHH, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD001PKR, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD001RKR, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD001USB, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD001WSB, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD001YSB, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0024MJ, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0026TA, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0028TA, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD002BTW, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD002DTW, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD002FSB, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD002NUS, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD002QUS, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD002TUS, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD002WTW, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD002YTW, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0031HH, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0036RM, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0038RM, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD003DJP, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD003FJP, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD003HJP, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD003NHH, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD003QHH, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD003VTW, [ Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD003YSB Battery ], Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0041SB, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0046MJ, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0048TA, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD004DGE, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD004FTA, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD004HMX, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD004NMZ, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD004RRU, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD004YPG, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0051UE, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0053CK, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0058AU, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD005AMB, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD005JMZ, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD005LFE, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD005NFE, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD005TUK, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD005VUK, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0061FE, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0063UK, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0065UK, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD006AIN, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD006CKR, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD006HKR, [ Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD006KAK Battery ], Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD006MSB, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD006STW, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD006UMX, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD006WAX, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0070UK, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0072FQ, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0074IX, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0079AD, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD007BMZ, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD007DMB, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD007GMH, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD007JMH, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD007LMH, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD007RMX, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD007TMX, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD007VTA, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD007YGM, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0081GM, [ Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0083TA Battery ], Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0088IN, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD008DGE, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD008GFR, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD008KIX, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD008QPH, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD008SUE, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD008XKR, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0090KR, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0095KR, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0097GE, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD0099ID, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD009ETX, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD009GTA, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD009MHH, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD009PAD, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD009RIN, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD009WFG, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD00A2TA, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD00A4TX, Yoga 6 13ALC7 82UD00A6SC.
Li-ion LENOVO L21L4PE2 L21C4PE2 Battery 3815mAh, 59Wh
Li-ion LENOVO L21L4PE2 L21C4PE2 Battery 3815mAh, 59Wh
Price: £ 50.88(Date: 2024-04-22)

(Free shipping in UK and EU )

Lenovo Laptop Battery, Notebook Battery

L21C4PE2 Battery L21D4PE2 for Lenovo Yoga 6 13ALC7 Series 15.52v 59Wh

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