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Genuine Li-ion Black HP TPN-C129 JC03XL Battery 2850mAh, 41.6Wh

We Offer This Genuine Li-ion Black HP TPN-C129 JC03XL Battery 2850mAh, 41.6Wh Online, Please Note The Battery's Picture, Output Volt, Capacity, Battery Interface Or Screw Hole Location When Place Order. It is 1 year warranty, 30 days money back, Fast Shipping in UK And EU.

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Li-ion battery pack, 14.6V Genuine Li-ion Black HP TPN-C129 JC03XL Battery 2850mAh, 41.6Wh
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Genuine Li-ion Black HP TPN-C129 JC03XL Battery 2850mAh, 41.6Wh
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UK / EU Genuine Li-ion Black HP TPN-C129 JC03XL Battery 2850mAh, 41.6Wh

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  • Battery ID: NHPJC0441WHB4
  • Battery Name: Genuine Li-ion Black HP TPN-C129 JC03XL Battery 2850mAh, 41.6Wh
  • Battery Type: Li-ion Rechargeable
  • Battery Volt: 14.6V
  • Battery Capacity: 2850mAh, 41.6Wh
  • Battery Color: Black
  • Cells Number: 4
  • Cells Quality: Grade A
  • Condition: Original / Genuine Battery - 1 Year Warranty
  • Total Sale: 1430 Sold
  • Note: Compatible JC03 Battery

How we test this Genuine Li-ion Black HP TPN-C129 JC03XL Battery 2850mAh, 41.6Wh?

  1. Determine whether you have purchased the correct battery according to the battery model or machine model you provided.
  2. Check the appearance and interface of the battery before shipping.
  3. Test whether the charging and discharging function of the battery is normal.
  4. Use professional battery testing equipment to test the internal data of the battery, including the actual capacity of the battery, the voltage of each battery cell, etc. The more balanced the voltage, the longer the battery life.
  5. Charge the battery to more than 30% to ensure the best performance during transportation.
  6. Package the battery carefully and send it out.
  7. You will receive this battery and enjoye it.

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This Laptop Battery Can Compatible Follow Battery [P/N], Battery Model:

This Battery Can Work With Follow Machine Model:
Hp :
[14-bs000 ] 14-bs000ng, 14-bs002ng, 14-bs007ng, 14-bs009ng, 14-bs013ng, 14-bs016ng, 14-BS019TU, 14-BS020TU, 14-bs030ng, 14-bs031ng, 14-bs032ng, 14-bs033ng, 14-bs034ng, 14-bs035ng, 14-bs036ng, 14-BS039NA, 14-BS043NA, 14-BS044NA, 14-BS047NA, 14-BS057SA, [ 14-BS058NA Battery ], 14-bs070ng, 14-bs071ng, 14-BS0XX, 14-bs100, 14-BS100TX, 14-bs101ng, 14-bs130ng, 14-bs132ng, 14-BS1XX, 14-bs520, 14-BSO17TU, 14-bw000, 14-bw000nf, 14-bw001nf, 14-BW002AX, 14-bw002la, 14-bw003la, 14-bw004la, 14-bw004na, 14-bw005no, 14-bw006nf, 14-bw007nf, 14-bw007ng, 14-bw009nf, 14-BW009NO, 14-bw010nf, 14-BW010nr, 14-bw012na, 14-bw020na, 14-BW021AU, 14-bw021na, 14-BW056AU, 14-BW065nr, 14-BW066nr, 14-bw084ng, 14-bw085ng, 14-BW0XX, 14bs000, 14bs000ng, 14bs002ng, 14bs007ng, [ 14bs009ng Battery ], 14bs013ng, 14bs016ng, 14bs030ng, 14bs031ng, 14bs032ng, 14bs033ng, 14bs034ng, 14bs035ng, [ 14bs036ng Battery ], 14bs070ng, 14bs071ng, 14bs100, 14bs101ng, 14bs130ng, 14bs132ng, 14bw000, 14bw000nf, 14bw001nf, 14BW002AX, 14bw002la, 14bw003la, 14bw004la, 14bw004na, [ 14bw005no Battery ], 14bw006nf, 14bw007nf, 14bw007ng, 14bw009nf, 14bw010nf, 14BW010nr, 14bw012na, 14bw020na, [ 14bw021na Battery ], 14BW065nr, 14BW066nr, 14bw084ng, 14bw085ng, [ 15 BWOXX Battery ], 15-6W099, 15-BE0XX, 15-bs000, 15-bs001ng, 15-bs002ng, 15-bs003ng, [ 15-bs004ng Battery ], 15-bs006ng, 15-bs008ng, [ 15-BS008NP Battery ], 15-BS008NW, 15-bs010ng, 15-BS010NL, 15-bs011ng, 15-BS012NE, 15-bs012ng, 15-bs013dx, 15-bs014ng, 15-bs016ng, 15-bs017ns, 15-bs018ng, [ 15-bs019ng Battery ], 15-bs020ng, 15-bs021ng, 15-bs022ng, 15-BS023CA, 15-bs023ng, 15-bs024ng, 15-bs025ng, 15-bs026ng, 15-bs027ng, 15-BS028CA, [ 15-bs030ng Battery ], 15-bs031ng, 15-BS031WM, 15-bs032, 15-bs032ng, 15-BS034NE, 15-bs034ng, 15-bs035ng, 15-bs036ng, 15-bs038ng, 15-bs039ng, 15-bs040ns, 15-bs042ng, 15-BS043AN, 15-BS043NA, [ 15-bs045ng Battery ], 15-bs045ns, 15-bs047ng, 15-bs048, 15-bs048ng, 15-BS049NA, 15-bs053ng, 15-bs057ng, 15-bs059ng, 15-bs060ng, 15-bs061ng, 15-bs061st, 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The following are the models provided by other customers at the time of purchase ( for reference only, not necessarily correct ):

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Genuine Li-ion Black HP TPN-C129 JC03XL Battery 2850mAh, 41.6Wh
Genuine Li-ion Black HP TPN-C129 JC03XL Battery 2850mAh, 41.6Wh
Price: £ 28.18(Date: 2024-04-21)

(Free shipping in UK and EU )

Hp Laptop Battery, Notebook Battery


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